Try our freshly roasted coffee delivery just 3 times (weekly, biweekly, or monthly),  and we’ll give you ONE JAR FREE!


To get started, please visit our coffee delivery website at COFFEECOLOGY.COMIf you need help ordering or for more information please email Paul at: paul@coffeecology.com

Taste the difference that freshly roasted coffee makes! Sign up for our regular coffee delivery (by bike where available) and get Fair Trade & certified organic coffees delivered directly to your home or office within 3 days of roasting! Give freshly roasted delivery a try! JUST $13.90 for a 340g (3/4 lb.) jar – plus $1 deposit but you get that back when we pick up the jar from your porch or office. Coffee DELIVERY IS FREE!

Our coffees are delivered by bike where available in reusable/returnable mason jars to keep packaging waste at an absolute minimum.

Set up your new Coffeecology account. Why not give us a try? You can cancel at any time.


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